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GAFFEY AlphaCollector™

Work up to 33% more AR per month, an average increase of $500,000 per collector

myCLAIMIQ AlphaCollector

This innovative cloud-based app interfaces with your current patient account system to generate comprehensive reporting, productivity monitoring and customizable views, so you can collect more cash, more efficiently.

Return on Investment

  • Work up to 33% more AR per month, an average increase of $500,000 per collector
  • Save up to 30% on the cost per collector by segregating work flows based on experience
  • Reduce management oversight time by up to 80%
  • Streamline key processes to increase business office productivity by up to 50%

Key Benefits

  • Maintain a single point of control over all your AR streams from one portal
  • Integrate with any hospital or physician practice patient accounting system
  • Cloud-based architecture requires no hardware or licensing fees
  • Analyze AR on any data points and for multiple facilities using pivot table technology
  • Assign accounts by collector(s) to create work groups
  • Review hundreds of account notes in one snapshot
  • Leverage aggregated data for vastly improved oversight and decision making

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