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The GAFFEY Healthcare product suite includes every software tool, professional service, support service, and analytic tool necessary to maximize the revenue capture of your hospital’s revenue cycle.  Our approach to doing business combines comprehensive revenue cycle management and business intelligence software, customization, support, and revenue optimization services as a bundled, subscription–based solution.
Our best–in–class, cloud-based software suite includes the most important productivity and revenue capture functions to ensure no revenue attrition — Insurance Verification at Patient Access, Eligibility Verification at Pre–Billing, Medicare Compliance, Automated Claim Status, Denial Management and Collections Workflow Automation tools.TECH

Bundled Managed Services
All of GAFFEY Healthcare’s technology is bundled with a suite of Managed Services specific to each software solution.  GAFFEY Client Delivery teams are made up of a seasoned team of domain experts focused on proactively engaging with our customers at every level, from the CFO to individual billers and collectors to ensure that software utilization is optimal.  The assigned Client Delivery Director understands our clients’ business and follows their teams’ daily, weekly and monthly cadence.  To ensure optimal revenue cycle performance, our team of EDI and payer analysts continually tests and implements payer edits and bridge routines before and after go-live.  We provide custom reporting, dashboards, ad hoc data projects and support daily at a team level and Quarterly Business Reviews at an executive level.  
This combination – the industry’s most innovative technology coupled with our people’s deep domain expertise – is the foundation of GAFFEY Connect. 

Managed Services, bundled with technology, as part of GAFFEY Connect.
GAFFEY Connect Billing:

  • End-to-End Payer Management
  • Constant Bridge Routine development and implementation
  • EDI analysis to improve Clean Claim Rates, Initial Claims Acceptance Rates, and AR Day reduction
  • Custom reporting and consulting of billing workflow and efficiency
  • Quarterly Business Reviews for billing metrics, performance data, and productivity analyses


GAFFEY Connect Collections:

  • Collections workflow automation and efficiency
  • Aged Trial Balance analysis and management
  • Custom reporting for tracking collections workflow and best practices
  • Quarterly Business Reviews for collections metrics, performance data, and productivity analyses


GAFFEY Connect Contract Management:

  • Payer Contract loading and maintenance
  • Contract calculation testing and adjustments
  • Contract Modeling and data analysis for Payer contractual discussions
  • Over- and underpayment analyses and follow-up
  • Quarterly Business Reviews for contract management metrics and performance data


GAFFEY CBO Outsourcing:

  • Hospital Liaison and Engagement Manager of Outsourcing Engagement
  • Custom KPI’s, reporting, and oversight to track and meet hospital business goals
  • Constant Business Reviews for continuous improvement of productivity and billing and collections performance