Conversion A/R Payment Posting Module

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Collect Legacy System A/R without paying expensive maintenance fees

Payment PostingThe HealthTech Conversion A/R Payment Posting Module is a cost-effective alternative to collecting legacy system A/R. A cloud-based software app, it performs many functions like that of a patient accounting system and is more affordable than most legacy system maintenance fees.

The Conversion A/R Payment Posting Module simplifies the transition for the user by migrating current transaction codes from the former host system. Additionally, it can compare initial batch entry totals with actual transitions by showing a running variance. Once the batch is complete, it can be locked down securely and remains in history to be easily located as needed for audit purposes.

As an extension of HealthTech's myCLAIMIQ AlphaCollector™, the Conversion A/R Payment Posting Module features extensive reporting functionality. Reports can be generated by date range and can generate extensive detail to support summary general ledger entries as needed.

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Or, simply outsource your legacy A/R, and allow your staff to focus on learning your new system. Our collectors will help by employing our experience, skill and technology applications to collect efficiently and effectively for you.

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