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Outsourced AR Services

For healthcare providers facing the overwhelming and growing regulatory, staffing and technological challenges or those simply looking to reduce the highly resource-intensive requirements needed to run a business office, GAFFEY Healthcare offers outsourcing services to meet your needs.

For more than 40 years GAFFEY has provided business office expertise to improve revenue, manage costs and increase patient and community satisfaction. At the core of our outsourcing services lies GAFFEY’s own technology. Our staff utilizes our proprietary software– GAFFEY AlphaCollector™, the leading web-based collections management and reporting application, GAFFEY AutoStatus™, an automated claim statusing tool, and GAFFEY Claims Management, a claim-scanning software application that identifies potentially missed revenue opportunities.

By using our own proprietary software, staff operates at the highest levels of productivity and efficiency while providing clients - CFO, revenue cycle VP's, business office directors, etc.- full visibility into every AR stream in real-time.

Our outsourcing services include:

  • Billing Services: Preparation and production of claim forms after claims processing from editing system application, preparation and sending of initial billing statements for self-pay accounts, monitoring and reporting of claim status from the patient accounting system of the host system to payer receipt.
  • AR and Collection Services: Collection obligations, non-collectible accounts, account compromise & settlement.
  • Cash Posting: Posting of all cash payments and adjustments made to the AR accounts, maintaining of accounting of all payments and adjustments made, updating of accounts if payment is made by a different payor than the primary payer listed for that AR account.
  • Denials Management: Identify causes for denials, underpayments and zero payments, monitor and track appeals, identify potential incorrect payments due to pricing inaccuracies and contract interpretation.
  • Credit Balance Resolution: provide assistance with refund and credit analysis, audit and reimbursement functions for payers and patients.

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