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Offshoring In South Africa

U.S. hospitals, when compared to other non-third world countries, have the highest administrative costs (averaging 25% of total spending) and our current model of care does not indicate a significant change in the next 5-10 years. Within the business office area of revenue cycle this translates into a demand for hyperspecialization to ensure correct skills sets are focused on the correct activities in order to maximize billing and collections while maintaining process efficiency.

Offshore staff can be used to assist in non-patient facing activities where there are:

  • Defined and frequent points of communication with US-based staff
  • Clear processes and protocols on how each account is to be handled
  • Metrics to gauge performance including productivity, quality and account resolution

4R Technologies

Due to a lower cost of living and favorable exchange rates, offshoring to South Africa results in a 40-50% cost savings on average compared to US staff. There is also a shared culture for producing high quality work product. Many of the staff have or are pursuing advanced degrees while working in their desired field. In candidates we have met to date this has resulted in a demostrated commitment to academics, their chosen career area, and an employer. Lastly, South Africans are native English speakers so there is no language barrier.

While there are a growing number of South African partners available, GAFFEY has seleted 4R Technologies due to a mutual affinity to use technology as a driving force in improving people and processes.

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