myCLAIMIQ Genie®

Analyze medical claims from the comfort of your desk!

This cloud-based software application scans claims for certain potentially missed revenue opportunities. Unlike a bill scrubber, myCLAIMIQ Genie searches for both complete and correct claims, and identifies issues that may cause inappropriate loss of revenue. Whereas a bill scrubber may be searching for billing edits, such as missing DOB or discharge date, myCLAIMIQ Genie reviews claims for issues such as charge capture errors, data integrity and potential coding and CDM errors. Once an issue is found, hospital billing staff can review more closely to ensure the claim correlates with the services rendered.

How does it work?

myCLAIMIQ Genie is a software application that downloads from our website to your desktop. There is no need for IT support or integration, and it works with any billing system. The app is often up and running in minutes, so you can start identifying revenue opportunities quickly.

Benefits of using myCLAIMIQ Genie:

  • Typical net revenue increase is one to three percent
  • Charge capture components checked for completeness
  • Desktop application downloads in seconds
  • Analyze current and past claims for recovery opportunities
  • Affordable for all hospitals

Reclaim Your Revenue!
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