myCLAIMIQ AutoStatus

Increase Productivity. Reduce Cost. Improve Quality.

Your business office staff can spend a significant amount of their day updating the status of open medical claims to report back into patient accounting and billing systems—a manual process that is both time consuming and expensive. Let myCLAIMIQ AutoStatus put an end to it.

myCLAIMIQ AutoStatus interfaces with insurance carriers to status electronic claims automatically. Once the claim status is retrieved, facility administrative staff can review the AutoStatus dashboard to determine which claims are processed, adjudicated, or require further investigation/follow-up. Through myCLAIMIQ AutoStatus, claims can be seamlessly reported back into your hospital's patient accounting and billing systems, resulting in superior efficiency and data quality.

Benefits of using myCLAIMIQ AutoStatus™:

  • Potential 75 percent savings on statusing claims
  • Reduced denied claims
  • Increased business office efficiency
  • Improved data quality
  • Decreased A/R days

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