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GAFFEY Doc Genie

Doc Genie is a powerful cloud-based file management system that is used to associate files with claims.  Designed to help healthcare organizations manage their documents, it transforms the piles of EOB’s, revenue cycle paperwork, contracts and other documents into digital file catalogues that can be accessed from anywhere. 
Doc Genie is deployed as a module of AlphaCollector, our workflow automation & business intelligence platform, and provides the ability to tag or associate any document to a field within it.  For each claim, a base folder exists where users may create additional folders and upload files in a structured manner.  Revisions are maintained whenever a newer version of a file replaces an existing file and may be viewed or restored as needed, serving as a file history backup system. 

The UI of Doc Genie was designed to resemble Windows Explorer to help provide an intuitive and familiar user experience. The system accepts all scanned documents and is fully encrypted to remain HIPAA compliant.

Key Benefits

  • Improve documentation and organization of patient files
  • Transform paperwork, contracts & other documents into a digital library that’s accessible from anywhere
  • Identify and extract key information from documents and then organize them in a digital filing cabinet that is seamlessly integrated within AlphaCollector
  • Search folders by keyword to find exactly what you need in seconds

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