Extended Business Office

Our unique integrated approach combines a team of experienced financial professionals with proven processes and industry-leading cloud-based applications to produce superior revenue cycle performance that yields better efficiency and improved data quality for you.

Billing Services

  • Billing - Primary, Secondary, Tertiary
  • Resubmission of claims
  • Claims review/editing
  • Review for incomplete or missing information, potential errors, missed revenue
  • Information, potential errors, missing revenue
  • Electronic claims statusing

Insurance Collections

  • Timely follow-up on aged accounts
  • Systematic follow-up and prioritization
  • Resubmission of claims
  • Appeals
  • Submission of supporting documents for prompt payment

Insurance Verification

  • Verify patient insurance coverage
  • Obtain precertifications/required authorizations
  • Consult patient about financial responsibilities

Retroactive Medicaid Eligibility

  • Retroactive review of self-pay patients for Medicaid eligibility
  • Claim submission upon eligibility notification

Revenue Recovery Projects

  • Retrospective review of data for potential revenue recoveries
  • Re-bill for missing procedures, implants, high drug costs, etc.
  • Identify process improvement opportunities