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GAFFEY Claims Management

GAFFEY Claims Management (GAFFEY CM) is the industry's most comprehensive SAAS-based claims and billing software suite. GAFFEY CM drives results through the use of advanced workflow technology to automate the claims editing, billing, and remittance process. By combining technology, EDI experience, and including a suite of Managed Services to support the entire billing process end-to-end, GAFFEY Healthcare customers have the highest Clean Claim Rates, Initial Claim Acceptance Rates, and lowest AR days in the industry. Bundling support services with EDI and Payer management enables greater performance by any metric from pre-billing to remittance and denial management. GAFFEY Healthcare customers typically realize an increase of 2-6% of Net Patient Revenue when utilizing the full suite of GAFFEY Healthcare solutions. 

Customer Success Story:  GAFFEY Claims Management Suite

Key Benefits

  • Results-driven technology:  highest clean claim rates, highest initial claim acceptance rates, industry best performance in AR days and cash flow metrics.
  • Advanced workflow technology automates the claims editing, billing, and remittance process.
  • SaaS-based technology means no maintenance costs, ease of implementation, less IT involvement, and lower total cost of ownership. 
  • Simple, intuitive user-interface with easy access to common tasks and core functionality.