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Company History

GAFFEY Healthcare is the result of the purchase of GAFFEY by HealthTech Solutions Group on July 31st 2013. The new company name and motto – ‘GAFFEY Healthcare. Technology. Results’ - is a reflection of the successful unification of our respective staff and product suites as well as a reaffirmation of our mission – to drive positive financial results for our customers.

GAFFEY Healthcare provides next-generation, cloud-based revenue cycle technology and services to help health care organizations accelerate their cash flow, improve their productivity and increase their profitability.
Based on 40 years of hospital operations experience, our solutions are designed to achieve optimal efficiency within the health care revenue cycle.  With over 26 years of research and testing, we have developed a suite of cloud-based software focused on helping organizations collect more cash, more efficiently.

Over 200 health care systems, hospitals and physician practices use GAFFEY Healthcare's cloud-based applications.

Our solutions are:

  • Focused on the "correct cash" principle of achieving accuracy within all stages of the revenue cycle
  • Designed to maximize productivity through innovative, user-friendly workflows
  • Developed to perform highly specialized functions within the revenue cycle
  • Very flexible and highly customizable to meet your specific needs

GAFFEY Healthcare delivers its applications through a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, allowing ease of implementation and high ROI, while providing instant access to the latest enhancements.